Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Let's face it, life moves really quickly. That's why me and my best friends decided to create a club dedicated to two of our favorite things: wine and books. Our club, Getting Lit (thanks Kel for the great name!), lets us stay connected no matter how near or far we are (mostly far). We have come up with a few general guidelines and will be alternating new wines and books each month. You can find reviews for whatever decadence we will be enjoying with three different sets of eyes. 



Highlight Reel
Ultra-girly Horror Blogger and English Teacher
Favorite TV 
Scream Queens, Breaking Bad, and American Horror Story
Dirty Little Secret
Buys books based on how pretty their covers are


Highlight Reel
Member of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe and Fitness Instructor
Favorite TV
Cupcake Wars, House of Cards, and Anything on Bravo
Dirty Little Secret
Eats frozen Pizza when her husband is out of town


Highlight Reel
Glitter-obsessed Gluten-intolerant Naval officer
Favorite TV
Parks and Rec, New Girl, and Bob's Burgers
Dirty Little Secret
Self-Proclaimed connoisseur of nachos 

2017 Calendar

January- Birthday girl's choice of wine, Alaina
February- Book, Written by a Woman Author
March- Wine, French
April- Book, Biography or Autobiography
May-Wine, Spanish
June- Book, All members read the same, TBA
July- Birthday girl's choice of wine, Carolyn
August- Book, Classic or something older than 50 years
September- Birthday girl's choice of wine, Kelly
October- Book, Horror or Mystery 
November- Wine, American 
December- Book, All members read the same, TBA

Wine Review Guidelines
What type of person would like this wine?
Overall rating/ Recommendation
Additional Comments

Book Review Guidelines
Title, Author
1 Sentence Synopsis
High Points
Low Points
What type of person would like this book?
Overall rating/ Recommendation
Additional Comments

Check back with us in January to read our first review!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


A thank you--
For being gentle but strong,
For letting me lean on you when I should have been there to let you lean on me,
For making me laugh about nothing in particular,
For our routine two-a-day phone calls and simultaneous sighs,
For shopping trips, lunch-dates, and late-night snacks,
A thank you for being my best friend.

A thank you--
For going through pain and fighting to be here,
For helping me pick a dress to wear for a big night out,
For drinking gin and tonics with me after a stressful day,
For teaching me how to be a survivor in many different ways,
For encouraging me to follow my dreams,
A thank you for calling me babe and making me still feel like your little girl.

A thank you--
For holding our parent's hands while I can't be there,
For letting me curl up on your couch and listen to me spill my guts,
For sending me pictures of your dinner and encouraging me to be a more adventurous cook,
For sharing Amy with me and giving me a sister I cherish as my own,
For taking care of our family,
A thank you for making me feel insanely proud to be your sister. 

A thank you--
For sitting in the waiting room for days on end and not complaining once,
For letting me collapse into your arms and picking me back up,
For forehead kisses, back rubs, tucking me in at night, and unconditional love,
For slow-dancing in the kitchen while we overcook the bacon,
For forcing me to take Pepto-bismal when my tummy hurts,
A thank you for changing our lives and choosing to share yours with mine.

A thank you--
For taking care of my father like he was your own,
For getting us chairs and letting us camp out in your work-space,
For the phone calls, messages, and big hugs,
For your bedside manner, calm voice, and reassuring words,
For getting excited with us,
A thank you for becoming a part of our family and keeping my father here.

A thank you--
For being my home away from home,
For wine nights, oyster shooters, and early morning mimosas,
For being good people and inspiring me to be better,
For checking up on me when I needed it,
For sharing laughter and tears and holiday meals,
A thank you for this brief but beautiful period I will never forget.

A thank you--
For finding time for a visit or phone call,
For sharing stories over hospital food and waiting for the doctor with us,
For offering to get me home when I need it,
For enticing my dad to get better with projects and fishing trips,
For all of your encouraging words and smiles,
A thank you for your dedication and friendship and sharing this miracle with us.

A thank you--
For answering your phone while I'm stuck in traffic,
For making the effort to make sure we stay close,
For growing into a girl I'm impressed by,
For caring about my family like they are yours too,
For reminding me that God works in mysterious ways,
A thank you for sticking with me through all of these years.

A million different thank yous to all of you for touching my life in so many ways.
Thank you for blessing my life.

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